Papers & Publications

CIOReview: D2S Named to List of Top 20 Most Promising HPC Solution Providers for 2017 [August 1, 2017]

PMJ 2017: Model-Based MPC Enables Curvilinear ILT Using Either VSB or Multi-Beam Mask Writers presented by Leo Pang [April 5, 2017]

PMJ 2017: EUV Modeling in the Multi-Beam mask making Era presented by Ryan Pearman [April 5, 2017]

PMJ 2017: Simulation-Based MDP Verification for Leading-Edge Masks presented by Bo Su [April 5, 2017]

Solid State Technology: D2S unveils fifth-generation GPU acceleration platform for semiconductor manufacturing [April 4, 2017]

Semiconductor Engineering: Experts at the Table Part 2 – Where EUV fits, what problems still remain, and what are the alternatives by Mark LaPedus
[April 5, 2017]

Semiconductor Engineering: Experts at the Table Part 1 – EUV’s viability still in doubt even as rollout begins by Mark LaPedus [March 16, 2017]

Semiconductor Engineering: China: Fab Boom or Bust? [March 16, 2017]

2017 SPIE eBeam Initiative: Mask Modeling in the Multi-beam Era by Ryan Pearman, D2S [February 28, 2016]

Semiconductor Engineering: Will GPU-Acceleration Mean the End of Empirical Mask Models? Ryan Pearman, D2S [October 20, 2016]

Semiconductor Engineering: Speeding Up Mask Production [September 13, 2016]

BACUS 2016: GPU-Accelerated Computing: Maximizing Performance for the 24/7 Semiconductor Manufacturing Environment by Aki Fujimura, D2S [September 12, 2016]

Semiconductor Engineering: GPU-Based Computing In Photomask Manufacturing by Aki Fujimura, D2S [March 28, 2016]

CSTIC 2016: The Latest Progress in Model-Based Mask Data Preparation by Leo Pang, D2S at CSTIC [March 13, 2016]

SPIE: New book available - Introduction to Metrology Applications in IC Manufacturing by Bo Su - D2S, Eric Solecky, Alok Vaid [October 15, 2015]

BACUS 2015: Mask Metrology in the ILT World by Leo Pang, D2S [September 29, 2015]

SEMICON Taiwan 2015: Removing the Last Road Block of Deploying ILT into 10nm by Dr. Leo Pang, D2S [September 3, 2015]

PMJ 2015 eBeam Initiative Workshop: Simulation-based Mask Inspection and Review for the 10nm Node and Beyond by Leo Pang [April 20, 2015]

PMJ 2015 eBeam Initiative Workshop: Conquering Heat Issues in Electron Beam Lithography – Past, Present and the Future by NuFlare Technology and D2S [April 20, 2015]

SPIE 2015: Reactivating the Density Benefits of Moore’s Law - the eBeam Community Gears Up by Aki Fujimura [February 24, 2015]

SPIE 2015: Wafer Plane Analysis of Mask SEM in 2D & 3D by Advantest and D2S [February 24, 2015]

Solid State Technology: 2015 – Curvilinear Shapes Are Coming by Aki Fujimura [January 20, 2015]

Semiconductor Engineering: We have Reached the Tipping Point for Simulation-Based Mask Data Preparation by Aki Fujimura [November 13, 2014]

eBeam Initiative: Meet the eBeamer – Linyong (Leo) Pang [November 4, 2014]

Semiconductor Engineering: Executive Insight – Aki Fujimura [October 16, 2014]

BACUS 2014: Model-based Virtual VSB Mask Writer Verification for Efficient Mask Error Checking and Optimization Prior to MDP by GLOBALFOUNDRIES and D2S [September 16, 2014]

White Paper: Mask Hotspots Are Escaping the Mask Shop; Model-Based Mask Verification Can Stop Them – by Aki Fujimura, D2S CEO [February 25, 2014]

Semiconductor Engineering: In a video interview, D2S CEO Aki Fujimura talks about the growing problems of shrinking features and what it means for lithography and photomasks [February 19, 2014]

Semiconductor Engineering: Mask Data Prep Issues Compounding at 20nm [September 19, 2013]

TechOn!: (Article is in Japanese and requires accout login) NuFlare Technology Invests in D2S [September 19, 2013] D2S Extends Partnership with NuFlare to Accelerate Deployment of eBeam Technologies [September 11, 2013]

SemiMD: Experts at the Table – Issues in Lithography by Mark LaPedus Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 [November 2012]

EE Journal: Dogboning the Dogbones by Bryon Moyer [October 19, 2012]

Solid State Technology: Model-based mask data prep using overlapping shots for 20nm devices [October 2011]

SemiMD: Beam me up by Mark LaPedus [October 18, 2012]

weSRCH: Mask writing technology at 20nm and below ....Video interview with G. Dan Hutcheson and Aki Fujimura;, password=ebeam2012 [October 18, 2012]

Chip Design: D2S launches eBeam Mask Data Prep System by Pallab Chatterjee [September 22, 2012]

SemiMD: A Mischievous Muse by Marc David Levenson [September 20, 2012]

TechOn!: (article is in Japanese) Moving Beyond 20 nm, D2S Develops a Mask Data Generation System---ILT Mask Write Times Cut by 30% by Ikutaro Kojima [September 12, 2012]

EE Times: D2S tips model-based mask data prep tool [September 11, 2012]

Solid State Technology: Understanding shape-dependent mask CD uniformity [September 2012]

SPIE Newsroom: Model-based mask data preparation enables complex masks [April 3, 2012]

eBeam Initiative SPIE 2012: MB-MDP Enables Circular Shots to Improve Mask Accuracy as Well as Shot Count [February 13, 2012]

BACUS 2011: Optimization of mask shot count using MB-MDP and lithography simulation [September 20,2011]

EE Times: D2S tips mask-wafer double litho simulator [September 20, 2011]

ElectroIQ: Litho tool explores tradeoffs at 20nm and below [September 20, 2011]

ElectroIQ: D2S doubles down with new mask-wafer double simulation workstation [September 20, 2011]

Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design: D2S Introduces TrueMask Mask-Wafer Simulation Tool [September 20, 2011]

SPIE 2011: Model-Based Mask Data Prep (MB-MDP) and its effect on heating [March 2, 2011]

SPIE 2011: E-beam Direct Write Overview [March 1, 2011]

eBeam Initiative: Model-Based Mask Data Preparation Using Overlapping Shots: Making Optical Lithography Cost-effective for 20-nm Devices [March 1, 2011]

LithoVision 2011: Status of Masks - Current Status and Issues for ArF Extension, Nobuhito Toyama, DNP [February 27, 2011]

Solid State Technology: The future of lithography [February 2011]

BACUS 2010: Improvement of Mask Write Time for Curvilinear Assist Features at 22nm; Aki Fujimura – D2S, Ingo Bork – D2S, Taiichi Kiuchi – JEOL, Tadashi Komagata – JEOL, Yasutoshi Nakagawa - JEOL, Kazuyuki Hagiwara – D2S KK, Daisuke Hara – D2S KK [September 14, 2010]

BACUS 2010: Writing 32nm-hp Contacts with Curvilinear Assist Features; Aki Fujimura – D2S, David Kim – Luminescent Technologies, Ingo Bork – D2S, Christophe Pierrat – IC Images Technologies [September 14, 2010]

BACUS 2010: Impact of Model-Based Fracturing on E-beam Proximity Effect Correction Methodology; Christophe Pierrat - IC Images Technologies, Ingo Bork D2S [September 14, 2010]

BACUS 2010: Design for e-beam: design insights for direct-write maskless lithography; Aki Fujimura - D2S [September 15, 2010]

BACUS 2010: MCA BrightSpots Lithography Forum - see the video of the BACUS panel and panelist interviews including Aki Fujimura, CEO of D2S

Solid State Technology WaferNews Podcast: D2S’s Fujimura: Making the “impossible” photomask possible [September 21, 2010]

EE Times: E-beam: Ecosystem investment grows, but more needed by Aki Fujimura [September 20, 2010]

Photomask Japan 2010: Best paper award at PMJ 2010 - Best depth of focus on 22nm logic wafers with less shot count; Aki Fujimura – D2S, Tadashi Komagata and Yasutoshi Nakagawa – JEOL, David Kim, Vikram Tolani and Tom Cecil – Luminescent Technologies; [April 2010]

Photomask Japan 2010: Efficiently writing circular contacts on production reticle; Aki Fujimura – D2S, Christophe Pierrat – IC Images Technologies, Taiichi Kiuchi, Tadashi Komagata and Yasutoshi Nakagawa – JEOL; [April 2010]

Photomask Japan 2010: Writing "wavy" metal 1 shapes on 22 nm Logic Wafers with Less Shot Count
Harold R. Zable and Aki Fujimura – D2S, Tadashi Komagata and Yasutoshi Nakagawa - JEOL, John S. Petersen – Petersen Advanced Lithography;
[April 2010]

ElectroIQ: Podcasts – Aki Fujimura, President & CEO of D2S makes the case for DFEB [March 30, 2010]

ISQED: Design for E-Beam: Getting the Best Wafers Without the Exploding Mask Costs, Aki Fujimura from D2S [March 24, 2010]

eBeam Initiative: Circles: One Key to Successful Lithography at Advanced Nodes, Aki Fujimura from D2S [February 23, 2010]

Solid State Technology: Making E-beam direct write faster, Kiichi Sakamoto from Advantest and Aki Fujimura from D2S [November 19. 2009]

ICCAD: Beyond Light: The Growing Importance of E-Beam, Aki Fujimura from D2S [November 2, 2009]

GSA Forum: Test Chip Collaboration Validates That Virtually Maskless SOCs Are Now Practical, Moazzem Hossain from Fastrack, Bob Smith from Magma and Aki Fujimura from D2S [September 2009]

EIPBN: DFEB, a novel approach to EbDW throughput enhancement for volume production, T. Maruyama, S. Sugatani, H. Tsuchikawa from e-Shuttle; H. Hoshino, Y. Machida, M. Ito from Fujitsu Microelectronics; H. Tago, L. Chau, S. Lee from D2S; and H. Komami from Advantest [May 29, 2009]

Magma User Conference: Design For E-Beam Using Talus on a 65nm Test Chip, Shone K. Lee, Haruyuki Tago, Larry Chau, Tam Nguyen from D2S, Inc., Subbayyan Venkatesan, Sultana Begum from Fastrack Design, Inc. [April 2, 2009]

GSA Forum: Enabling the Long Tail of SOCs, Aki Fujimura from D2S [September 2008]

SPIE: E-beam direct write is free, Lance A. Glasser, Ph.D. [2007]