D2S is a supplier of GPU-acceleration solutions for semiconductor manufacturing. Leveraging the strength of GPUs for simulation of nature, image processing, and deep learning, the company develops innovative capabilities, particularly in model-based processing for nano-scale device manufacturing. D2S is the managing sponsor of the eBeam Initiative and a founding member of the Center for Deep Learning in Electronics Manufacturing (CDLe).

Executive Team

Aki Fujimura
Chairman & CEO
Leo Pang, Ph.D.
Chief Product Officer and Executive VP
Jim Ensell
Senior VP of Business Development
Bill Guthrie
VP and GM of FPD Solutions
Mike Tucker
VP of Operations
Shone Lee
VP of GPU Platform Operations
Hideaki Hontao
D2S KK President

D2S Board

Aki Fujimura
Nick Pianim
Managing Director | DAG Ventures
Mike Schuh
Independent Board Member

Japan Advisory Board

Jan Goodsell
InterPacific Solutions
Hideaki Hontao