D2S is about GPU acceleration for software for semiconductor manufacturing. We produce and support both inline real-time systems and traditional offline CAD systems with reliability, recovery, and serviceability that are ready for the 24/7 operations of our partners and end customers. We are disciplined, high-bandwidth professionals who want to work at the leading edge on unique products with other great human beings with special talent. A proven track record of quality on-time delivery is a must for every position.

Aki Fujimura, CEO of D2S, moderating a panel at an eBeam event
Aki Fujimura, CEO of D2S, moderating a panel at an eBeam event

Employment Opportunities

We are looking for high energy, high IQ and high EQ contributors who are looking to be rewarded for dedication and hard work to make our customers and partners successful. We are currently seeking applicants for the following roles:

  • Application Engineering Team
  • Software Engineering Team: Quality Engineering, and Software Engineering.

Consulting Opportunities

We want to leverage your skills and expertise, particularly in the ecosystem around eBeam writing of masks and wafers. Expertise in resist, processing, materials, modeling, eBeam, ArF lithography, and EUV lithography would be particularly welcome.

eBeam Initiative Partners

We would like your company to join us to raise the industry awareness in the importance and the value of eBeam technologies for the semiconductor industry.