The eBeam Initiative’s 11th annual Luminaries survey in 2022 reported EUV fueling growth of the semiconductor photomask industry while a panel of experts cited a number of complications in moving to High-NA EUV during an event co-located with the SPIE Photomask Technology Conference in late September. Industry luminaries representing 44 companies from across the semiconductor ecosystem participated in this year’s survey. Aki Fujimura, CEO of D2S, Inc., the managing company sponsor of the eBeam Initiative, moderated the panel discussion.
Presented by Aki Fujimura, D2S, Inc. at eBeam Inititative event
D2S Chief Product Officer and Executive VP Leo Pang is among the new Senior Members of SPIE
D2S CEO Aki Fujimura presented a Tech Talk at DAC 2022 on July 11 on the opportunity posed by recent manufacturing developments that make curvy design targets feasible.
Experts at the Table including D2S CEO Aki Fujimura, Part 3. Challenges involving reliability, integration and chiplet availability will take time to iron out.