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Experts at the Table, Part 3: Where machine/deep learning is useful and where it’s not.
Linyong (Leo) Pang, P. Jeffrey Ungar, Ali Bouaricha , Lu Sha, Michael Pomerantsev, Mariusz Niewczas, Kechang Wang, Bo Su, Ryan Pearman, and Aki Fujimura, "TrueMask® ILT MWCO: Full-chip curvilinear ILT in a day and full mask multi-beam and VSB writing in 12 hrs for 193i," Proc. SPIE 11327, Optical Microlithography XXXIII, 113270K (Presented at SPIE Advanced Lithography: February 26, 2020; Published: 31 March 2020);
Experts at the Table, Part 2: ML is playing a bigger role in metrology and lithography, but it can’t replace physics-based models.
Experts at the Table: It’s not as accurate as simulation, but it’s a lot faster.
Presented at SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference by Leo Pang of D2S
D2S TrueMask® WPA enables fast and accurate simulation of complex and curvilinear mask shapes for cost-effective CD metrology