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Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss broad industry changes and how that affects chip design with Anirudh Devgan, president and CEO of Cadence; Joseph Sawicki, executive vice president of Siemens EDA; Niels Faché, vice president and general manager at Keysight; Simon Segars, advisor at Arm; and Aki Fujimura, chairman and CEO of D2S.
Photomask inspection and repair are top priorities for wide-scale adoption.
Aging equipment and rising demand are pushing up prices and slowing production.
D2S CEO Aki Fujimura among key executives from leading semiconductor EDA and IP companies who will gather to discuss the latest industry trends, challenges and opportunities Thursday, April 28, in Santa Clara, California at the annual CEO Outlook hosted by the Electronic System Design Alliance (ESD Alliance), a SEMI Technology Community.
Interview with D2S CEO Aki Fujimura
Nations compete on speed using very different compute architectures.