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As the size of mask features moves into the sub‐80nm realm, mask accuracy has become an increasingly difficult problem with increasing impact on wafer yield. D2S TrueMask® DS GPU-accelerated workstation is the first and only mask‐wafer double simulation platform for R&D exploration, bit‐cell design, hot‐spot analysis, and mask‐defect categorization that comprehends overlapping shots and dose modulation.


  • Platform for interactive visualization of the impact of a change in mask shapes in the wafer plane
  • Supports both 193i and EUV lithography simulation, including rigorous EUV mask 3D simulation with interactive speed
  • Interactive optimization of VSB mask shot‐count and wafer quality using the benefits of overlapping shots and dose modulation
  • Interactive optimization of curvilinear or rectilinear masks for multi-beam writing for wafer quality, including mask 3D effects
  • Interactive visualization for hot‐spot and failure analysis, as well as for process development
  • Productivity gains for mask model calibration and exploration during process development
Additionally for memory cells:
  • Improved wafer yield
  • Improved throughput for mask production through reduced mask shot‐count

Sample Simulations

eBeam Simulation

White areas show the eBeam simulation overlapping shots highlighted with blue outline.

DM/Edge Slope Analysis

Shows slope of eBeam simulation intensity dope map at threshold point, for analysis.

Green = good slope (steep)
Yellow = ok
Red = bad slope (shallow)

Mask Process Simulation

Dark outline shows the simulation of mask-process effects that form the input to lithography simulation.

Lithography Simulation

Lithography simulation, with light intensity plot.

Lithography Contour Simulation

Lithography simulation without light intensity plot

Purple outline shape is input CAD data.