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Increased complexity introduced by the ongoing march of Moore’s Law has increased the need for mask simulation. But any simulation is only as accurate as the model used. Many changes are coming to the mask industry – including greater use of inverse-lithography technologies (ILT), the advent of multi-beam mask writing, and the anticipated introduction of extreme ultra-violet (EUV) lithography – that will required more detailed, more accurate models. D2S TrueModel® is a physical model that provides D2S mask-simulation products with the accuracy required for today’s leading-edge nodes. GPU acceleration opens the door for simulation-based correction of a multitude of complex mask effects based on physical models, affording practical simulation runtimes for these more complex models.



  • Single, physical model that includes complex modeling of dose, shape and exposure to provide the necessary accuracy for today’s advanced designs including even curvilinear designs
  • GPU acceleration enables TrueModel® to provide physical-model accuracy within practical runtimes
  • Critical for EUV and multi-beam applications
  • Refined over seven generations of test chips with unique structures to enable calibration and validation of advanced mask effects
  • Available in TrueMask® products and the inline pixel-level dose correction (PLDC) capability in the NuFlare Technology MBM-2000 multi-beam mask writer