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The increasing complexity in mask designs – in particular the sharp increase in the need for complex sub-resolution assist features (SRAFs) at 28-nm-and-below process nodes – has given rise to new challenges with mask write times (and therefore, cost) and mask quality.

D2S TrueMask® MDP is the first and only GPU-accelerated, model-based mask data preparation (MB-MDP) solution for complex masks. It offers fully automated, full-chip mask data preparation for any complex mask – including Manhattanized, curvilinear and ideal inverse lithography technology (ILT) mask shapes – within practical, cost-effective write times. TrueMask® MDP reduces eBeam shot count to cut mask write times by 20-30% or more, while improving the quality of the eventual wafers through built-in mask process correction (MPC).


  • Ability to deploy ideal ILT shapes for superior wafer quality
  • >20-30% write time reduction for conventional Manhattanized OPC shapes
  • >30% write time reduction for ideal ILT shapes over conventionally fractured, Manhattanized ILT shapes, with superior wafer quality
  • Built-in model-based MPC to improve mask linearity and CDU, particularly for small patterns, for both ArF and EUV masks
  • Automatic full-chip mask verification and correction

“D2S TrueMask® MDP is the first and the most promising product we’ve collaborated on that uses the new model-based mask data preparation approach to enable both accuracy and reasonable mask write times.”

Dr. Naoya Hayashi