GPU-Acceleration Meets the Demands of the Semiconductor Industry
CPU + GPU | Computing for semiconductor design and manufacturing has an ever-increasing requirement for speed, accuracy and reliability.

Computing farms with thousands of CPUs processing in parallel have become ubiquitous in an effort to address the need for faster computing. But the scaling options for CPU-only computing are now limited.

GPU-acceleration offers the needed boost to CPU-only computing to address the on-going needs of the semiconductor industry.
Computing capacity scales only by processors now
D2S Balanced CPU + GPU Solutions Produce Optimal Overall Performance
Optimal GPU-acceleration is not the result of a simple replacement of GPUs for CPUs. To realize the >10X acceleration potential of GPU-based computing, you must understand when to deploy GPUs and when to use CPUs. The D2S GPU-acceleration approach employs sophisticated software engineering to combine the strength of each to the benefit of the whole system, deciding what to put on CPUs, what to put on GPUs, then scheduling and load-balancing the two to achieve optimal overall performance.

Learn more about how the D2S computational design platform (CDP) delivers optimal GPU-acceleration solutions for semiconductor manufacturing.

Download the whitepaper, “GPU-Accelerated Computing: Maximizing Performance for Semiconductor Manufacturing”